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Detox Program

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Substance abuse is a condition that affects countless individuals and families globally. Even recreational use can rapidly develop into an addiction, regardless of social class, ethnicity, or gender. Those struggling with addiction may feel desperate or helpless, and when attempting to quit on their own, it can be difficult and expensive. But professional help is available to beat the addiction. A drug and alcohol detox center offers a great place to begin this journey.

A detox program is the first step on the road to lasting recovery at Midwest Center at Youngstown Center. However, not every detox center is created equal. Our drug and alcohol detox centers in OH can help you achieve success both now and later in your recovery if you are serious about sobriety.

Medical Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers: Why Choose One?

In a medical drug and alcohol detox center, members of the medical staff are on-call 24/7. They can answer your questions, administer medications, assist you in managing cravings, and relieve your discomfort. Our staff has a lot of experience treating withdrawal symptoms, and they are almost uniformly unpleasant.

It is also possible to save lives by undergoing drug and alcohol detox. In the case of long-term alcohol abuse, withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and hallucinations can occur. If left untreated or mismanaged, detox can result in death. This is the case for many substances, even though each addiction is unique. You must undergo detox in a facility where medical staff are trained to supervise your treatment.

To beat your addiction and set yourself up for future success, you must separate yourself from the stresses and triggers of the outside world. Location is another crucial component to beating your addiction. It is for this reason that you will find a comfortable and safe environment in a drug and alcohol detox center that will keep you from relapsing.

Choosing the Right Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Addiction is an illness, and each person suffering from it confronts it in an individual way. Even if they are reliant on the same substance, no two people will encounter addiction in the same manner. Quitting suddenly is hazardous and can be life-threatening. It is not simply a matter of determination; dependency has taken control of the mind and body, making addiction a disease. A certified medical detoxification program is the optimal choice right now for achieving sobriety. Yet, there is no plan that will fit everyone’s requirement. Your best shot at conquering this issue lies in finding a program suited to your needs and addiction.

The Midwest Center at Youngstown offers caring, professional alcohol detox treatment which addresses all aspects of alcohol withdrawal. Likewise, our drug detox center incorporates treatment that is specific to the drug being detoxed, including:

  • The Benzo Detox Center
  • The Cocaine Detox Center
  • Detox centers for heroin
  • Programs for detoxing from methadone
  • Programs for opiate detoxification
  • Detoxification centers for opioids
  • Detox centers for meth
  • Detox centers for painkillers
  • Detoxification centers for prescription drugs
  • Detoxification program for Suboxone
  • Detox center for Xanax

Our residential addiction treatment provides 24/7 access to clinical and therapeutic care, and we have gender-specific detox centers for men and women.

Contact Midwest Center at Youngstown at 833.647.0392 if you or a loved one are in need of detox and ready to begin your recovery journey.

Ohio Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs Benefits

At our inpatient detoxification center near Austintown, OH, we want to give you the skills necessary to achieve a successful recovery. That is why we place strong emphasis on group therapy within our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. In these sessions, you will be with others who have undergone similar struggles and are looking for the same outcome. Here you can rely on one another as your recovery progresses. Additionally, individualized counseling is another important part of the treatment process and looks into the deeper causes of addiction. Finally, our facility offers a combination of additional therapeutic approaches to supplement drug or alcohol detoxification goals.

During expressive therapy, you will learn to express your emotions in a creative way You can explore the role of past trauma in your addiction through trauma-focused therapy Using positive affirmations, you will reframe your approach to addiction through motivational interviewing During family therapy, you will teach your loved ones how to be successful after detox During dual diagnosis treatment, we will simultaneously treat your addiction and any underlying mental issues A therapist will help you develop healthy coping skills through cognitive behavioral therapy Our drug and alcohol detox center treats both your body and your mind as you recover from your addictions.

Get in touch with Midwest Center at Youngstown Today

As part of our drug and alcohol detox programs in Ohio, we strive to provide you with the tools you need to recover. Your addiction will be tackled head-on with medical interventions, medication management, group and individual counseling, and recreational opportunities. When you leave our drug and alcohol detox center, you will be ready to rebuild your life.

Our admissions team will work with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances when you are ready to take the first step. Moreover, Midwest Center at Youngstown Center has relationships with a wide range of insurance providers to ensure that you can afford to receive the care you need. For more information about Midwest Center at Youngstown Center, contact us online or at 833.647.0392.