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Drug Addiction Treatment

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The high rate of drug addiction in Ohio has been a concern for years. Efforts are being made to help tackle the crisis so that Ohioans can move on to live healthier, happier lives. Restricting access to highly addictive prescription drugs, increasing access to lifesaving drugs like naloxone, and improving access to safe, effective drug addiction treatment programs throughout the state are just some of the measures being taken to help mitigate the level of drug addiction and resulting overdoses. 

At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we want to help make the high rate of drug addiction in Ohio a thing of the past. We provide evidence-based drug addiction treatment designed to help our residents succeed in recovery for the long term. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to find out more about how our highly effective drug rehab in Ohio is helping Ohioans get clean and stay clean. 

How Do You Know if You Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

Depending on how you started using drugs, it may be difficult for you to recognize when you need the help of drug rehab. People who legally obtain prescription drugs to help relieve pain after surgery or injury can unwittingly develop an addiction. As long as a doctor is willing to prescribe it, you may feel that it is safe to use, but this is not always the case.

Here are some signs to help you know when it may be time for drug addiction treatment:

  • You need a higher dose of the drug to get the same relief.
  • Your work or school performance is suffering.
  • You are not following through on responsibilities at home.
  • You are isolating yourself from others.
  • Your relationships are suffering.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms if you do not have the drug.
  • You are having health problems, including insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression, and digestive issues.

It is possible that one or more of the above signs applies to you, but you did not make the connection between them and drug addiction. As you can see, addiction can affect every area of your life. Getting professional drug addiction treatment can help you break free from the grip of addiction so that you can heal your life.

How Can Drug Rehab in Ohio Help?

You may be considering trying to quit your drug addiction at home, or you may have already tried with no success. Trying to quit at home without the help of a professional treatment team is extremely challenging, if not impossible for some. You do not have to continue struggling with drug addiction and relapse when you can get the right help from drug rehab in Ohio, such as:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) involves the use of medication to help you get through withdrawal symptoms along with behavioral therapy to address the root cause of your use and help you replace unhealthy thoughts and behaviors with healthy ones.
  • Group therapy can teach and reinforce coping skills to help you navigate life with a new perspective and inner strength. 
  • Family counseling is needed for a more well-rounded approach to healing from addiction. Your home environment plays an important role in the recovery process. 

The help you receive from a drug addiction treatment program can make all the difference in your recovery success. Having a team of supportive professionals guide you every step of the way can set you up for full and lasting recovery.

Midwest Center at Youngstown: Helping Heal Drug Addiction in Ohio

Midwest Center at Youngstown’s drug rehab in Ohio treats the whole person so that you can heal fully and cultivate a new attitude toward life. We customize a treatment program to meet your specific needs, including medication, individual therapy, family counseling, and behavioral therapy for co-occurring mental health conditions and nutritional counseling and fitness regimens to help heal and strengthen your body and mind. When you need help with drug addiction in Ohio, give us a call at 844.544.0502.