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Can Group Counseling Benefit Me in Addiction Treatment?

people sitting in a group counseling program

Human beings are innately social creatures and often find great comfort in knowing that others empathize with similar challenges. Group counseling programs in Youngstown allow patients to capitalize on this quality and help to ensure the effects of treatment are long-lasting. At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we embrace group counseling as a critical step towards successful, sober living. Call our team at  844.544.0502 to learn how you can begin the healing process today. 

What Is Group Therapy? 

A group therapy program is a treatment framework where multiple clients are treated simultaneously by the same therapist or team of therapists. These are different from support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which are led by group members themselves.

Group counseling often occurs in groups of six to 12 patients per one or two therapists. Sessions might involve a discussion of health, wellness, and the consequences of substance abuse. Research demonstrates that this approach actually improves a patient’s self-awareness of their own substance abuse problems. Group sessions may help reinforce critical lessons required for living in sobriety. 

The group meeting format is structured to incorporate more feedback from all members. This allows a broader range of perspectives to be discussed. Meetings are often semi-structured and will adjust to meet the evolving needs of the group, though they usually are dedicated to a given topic. Depending on the needs of the whole, they may also include group activities. These might include art therapy, team-building exercises, or even excursions to external destinations. 

It can be tempting for patients to withdraw when entering treatment and conceal their pain from others. Although they may be nervous to begin group counseling, many introverted individuals are surprised to discover that they thrive when paired with a handful of their peers. Group therapy not only allows patients to advance as a cohort but allows them to practice the vital social skills they will require upon the conclusion of treatment. This method also provides for stronger reinforcement of positive change, naturally enhancing their internal motivation. 

What Are the Benefits of a Group Counseling Program in Addiction Treatment?

Some of the benefits of a group counseling program include:

  • Developing a support network of peers creates social bonds that may continue beyond formal therapy sessions.
  • Organic reinforcement that many substance abuse behaviors are common, allowing patients to feel a sense of collective solidarity.
  • Interpersonal learning and the opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences with drugs or alcohol.
  • Collective accountability and the influence of positive peer pressure in remaining on course.
  • The ability for patients to observe each other in various stages of recovery, illustrating that change is always possible (and allowing those approaching aftercare how far they have progressed).
  • Allowing patients to feel increased support as they cross critical milestones, allowing them to engage in a positive social environment.
  • Reduced financial cost as an individual progresses into an aftercare program. 

Finally, group counseling allows members the powerful experience of revealing their substance abuse history to a group. In this context, they don’t only receive support but can offer critical support to others. 

Reach Out for Group Counseling at Midwest Center at Youngstown

As the adage goes, multiple heads are better than one. To fully benefit from therapy, you may find it beneficial to learn in concert with other patients. Meanwhile, they may benefit from knowing your story. At Midwest Recovery Center at Youngstown, we offer various therapeutic supports to craft a personalized plan for each patient’s lasting recovery. Help is available today. Contact our team at 844.544.0502 or use our convenient online form to learn how you can benefit from our community’s commitment to sober living.