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Choosing a Vivitrol MAT Program

woman talking to her doctor about a Vivitrol MAT program

Medication-assisted treatment has become a standard method of treating drug or alcohol use disorder. The use of specific medications can help people manage withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, improve overall comfort, and sustain recovery. Vivitrol offers another option for those looking to end their addiction to alcohol or opioids. If you are considering Vivitrol medication-assisted treatment, reach out to Midwest Center at Youngstown. We offer a full continuum of care to address all of your needs for a healthy, lasting recovery. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to learn more about our Vivitrol MAT program.

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is an FDA-approved medication used to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders. It is the brand name of the drug naltrexone. Unlike most other addiction treatment medications, Vivitrol is delivered via injection. Although naltrexone is the generic version of the drug, it is available in pill form instead. Both naltrexone and Vivitrol can help you maintain sobriety by serving as opioid antagonists and binding to opioid receptors in the brain. It can also prevent opioids from attaching to the opioid receptors and block the euphoria and relaxation typically produced by opioids.

As with any medication, there are side effects to using Vivitrol, including:

  • Digestive upset
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Headache
  • Achy muscles and joints
  • Jitteriness

Thankfully, the side effects associated with Vivitrol tend to be minor, so they are less likely to derail your recovery. If you experience any of the above effects and find them disruptive, speak to your physician about making them more manageable.

How Does a Vivitrol Treatment Program Work?          

If you or someone you know has gone through addiction treatment for alcohol or opioid use disorder, you may wonder what makes Vivitrol MAT programs different. The key difference lies in the convenience of the Vivitrol schedule. Unlike other addiction treatment medications, Vivitrol injections are only necessary once a month. If you have trouble taking daily pills, this is an excellent alternative. 

So, can you visit the treatment center for your monthly Vivitrol shot and stay drug-free permanently? Unfortunately, it is not that easy. When choosing a Vivitrol MAT program, know that you will still need to put in the work for recovery. The drug is not a substitute for a complete addiction treatment program. Here is what you can expect from a Vivitrol treatment program: 

  • An initial assessment to determine your eligibility for Vivitrol therapy
  • A once-monthly injection of Vivitrol at the treatment center
  • Individual counseling to address underlying issues and mental health conditions
  • Group therapy to learn healthy coping skills
  • Holistic therapies to improve your overall wellness, such as fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness

As you can see, a Vivitrol therapy program is about more than just the medication itself. You need to be fully committed to your recovery to achieve your desired changes.

What to Know Before Choosing a Vivitrol MAT Program

Before deciding to enroll in a Vivitrol MAT program, there are a few things you should know:

  • Vivitrol is not used as part of detox. Its function is to help you maintain your alcohol or opioid addiction recovery.
  • You should not take Vivitrol if you are still using opioids or alcohol. This medication is intended for use after you have completed detox.
  • You should use Vivitrol in conjunction with addiction counseling. The drug can help reduce the risk of relapse, but the underlying causes of addiction must be addressed for lasting recovery.

If you are interested in trying Vivitrol medication-assisted treatment, be sure to complete a detox program first, so your system is free of alcohol and opioids. Also, keep in mind that a Vivitrol treatment program may not suit everyone. Therefore, it is best to speak to your doctor or an addiction treatment professional to determine if Vivitrol is a viable option for you.

Find Medication-Assisted Treatment at Midwest Center at Youngstown

Vivitrol medication-assisted treatment at Midwest Center at Youngstown can make lifelong recovery your reality. With the help of this medication and our extensive array of therapies, you will be on the road to a healthy, happy sober lifestyle in no time. Experience the difference a Vivitrol treatment program can make by calling us at 844.544.0502.