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How to Stop Drinking

doctor explaining how to stop drinking alcohol

If you have started to notice negative effects from drinking alcohol, you may have considered cutting it out of your life. You do not necessarily have to have an addiction to want to stop drinking alcohol. Many people begin to realize how alcohol is hurting their health, career, and relationships before they have developed an addiction and decide they need to quit. Regardless of which stage of alcohol dependence or addiction you are in, it may not be easy to stop drinking.

To get the alcohol treatment in Ohio, you need to stop drinking today. You can count on Midwest Center at Youngstown. We are here for you 24/7 to get you started on the path to sobriety right away. When you are ready to stop drinking alcohol with the help of our alcohol rehab programs, give us a call at 844.544.0502.

Tips to Help You Stop Drinking Today

When you have developed a lifestyle that revolves around alcohol, it can be tough to quit drinking. Your family gatherings, holidays, and social life may all include celebratory drinks. How can you quit drinking alcohol without isolating yourself and missing out on time with your loved ones? Here are some tips to help you stop drinking today:

  • Ask for support. Letting friends and family know of your intentions to stop drinking alcohol and asking for their support can help make it easier to quit. They may try planning activities with you that do not involve alcohol to help eliminate temptation and make you feel more comfortable.
  • Always be prepared for events where you would normally drink alcohol. For parties or BBQs, bring your own alcohol-free drinks. There are plenty of non-alcoholic beers, wines, and mocktails on the market now.
  • If you enjoy happy hour, you may want to have a few go-to alcohol-free drinks in mind so you are not limited to water. Some bars now offer alcohol-free cocktails on their menu, which will make this easier. If not, you can always ask for the classic Shirley Temple, club soda mixed with fruit juice, a virgin mojito, or ginger beer with lime juice.
  • Expand your social circle. You can find local groups that revolve around sober activities and support groups for people in recovery. Additionally, you may even have a friend or family member who has been considering quitting drinking, and you can go through the journey together.

You will find that once you start making some changes in your habits, abstaining from alcohol will get easier. 

Focus on the Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Sometimes it can help to focus on the positive benefits you will gain if you stop drinking alcohol. You already know how alcohol has negatively impacted your life. Keeping your eye on positive gains can give you a goal to reach. Here are some of the perks of quitting alcohol:

  • You can save money by not spending on overpriced drinks when you are out with friends. 
  • It will be easier to maintain a healthy weight. Alcohol is full of sugar and empty calories. 
  • You will look healthier. Alcohol is very dehydrating and depletes the body of essential nutrients. Many people notice an improvement in their complexion after they stop drinking alcohol.
  • You may see improvement in your work or school performance. It is easier to do well at work or school when you are not suffering from the fatigue and cognitive impairment caused by alcohol. You may also use fewer sick days.
  • You will feel better overall. There will be no more hangovers to contend with.

These are only a handful of the benefits you will gain from quitting alcohol. As time goes on, you will come across many additional reasons to stay alcohol-free. 

Midwest Center at Youngstown: Effective Alcohol Treatment in Ohio

At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we realize that it can be hard to stop drinking alcohol on your own. With our comprehensive alcohol rehab programs, you do not have to do it alone. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to start our caring, effective alcohol treatment in Ohio.