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How to Choose a Heroin Addiction Rehab for Recovery

Women hugging after choosing a heroin addiction rehab program

The decision whether or not to obtain help for a substance use problem may be the most important you ever make. If you are seeking a heroin addiction treatment program in Ohio, consider our team of compassionate, experienced clinicians at Midwest Center at Youngstown. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to speak to one of our team members and find out if our comprehensive support can help get your life back on track. 

Do I Need a Heroin Rehab?

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances available, and once an individual has developed a dependence it may be impossible to stop through abstinence alone. You can call a treatment center to see if you are a potential candidate for their program. 

Some typical signs that you might need outside help include:

  • Your life revolves around when you are able to use heroin, including your ability to perform at work or at school
  • Friends or family have commented on your changed appearance, particularly if you seem overly lethargic or appear to have lost an unhealthy amount of weight
  • The same friends or family claim that your personality has changed, and that you appear either anxious or apathetic 
  • You find yourself needing to take more and more heroin, take it via different means, or combine it with other drugs or alcohol in order to obtain a similar high as before
  • You worry that you cannot control your cravings 

Tips for Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

Heroin addiction rehab can be a sizable investment, both in terms of financial means and physical energy. You’ll want to reach out to programs in advance and perform some research to ensure that you will reap the dividends of all your hard work. 

Some areas to ask questions about include:

  • Staff credentials. How qualified are the therapists and staff members that you will work with? Do they hold terminal degrees, professional certifications, or have extensive experience? These should be easily viewable on the program’s website, or furnished upon your request. 
  • 24/7 access to professional medical care. This should be mandatory during inpatient detox, but what if you experience a medical crisis in the later stages of the program? How much access will you have to qualified nurses and physicians? 
  • Financial options. How will the program be paid for, both in the short term (i.e., while you are actually enrolled in the program) and in the long term? Is payment assistance available to you? 
  • Personalized treatment protocols. Every client comes to rehab with a completely unique story and an individualized set of needs. What aspects of the program can address your unique needs?
  • Living arrangements. For inpatient programs, what are the living quarters like? Will you feel comfortable and be able to get the rest you need? Do you have special dietary needs that the staff will be able to accommodate?
  • Location. Some recovery programs are housed in areas with incredible natural beauty. What sorts of settings would you find the most restorative? 
  • Expectations for friends and family members. At which point will close friends or family be permitted to visit you? Will they be expected to play an active role in the recovery process?

Discover Heroin Addiction Rehab at Midwest Center at Youngstown

Choosing a heroin addiction rehab is challenging, but finding the right program for you can mean the difference between permanent healing and enduring a cycle of chronic relapse. However, choosing can be considerably easier when you have all of the information you need upfront to make an informed decision. At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we are here to answer your questions and offer a clear picture of how we will be able to support your individual needs while you are in recovery. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to obtain the help you need and deserve.