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Is a Residential Treatment Program Right for Me?

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When you seek help for drug or alcohol addiction, you may find your treatment options confusing. There are various treatment programs, and each is designed to address specific recovery needs. Residential programming for addiction may be the best fit for some people. On the other hand, a less intensive outpatient program is most suitable for others. Understanding your needs for a healthy recovery can help you select the right addiction treatment program. 

When you need a high level of support to begin your path to recovery, you can rely on the residential addiction treatment programs at Midwest Center at Youngstown. You will enjoy the benefits of around-the-clock monitoring by caring professionals, along with medication, support, and therapy to set you up for a solid start to sober living. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to learn more about our residential programs for substance abuse.

How to Know If Residential Addiction Treatment Programs Are Your Best Option

Committing to getting professional help for substance use disorder is a big step. You should consider which type of treatment program would be your best match to help you get the most out of your treatment. There are several things to consider when deciding if residential addiction treatment programs are right for you:

  • How severe is your addiction? For those with severe addictions, the highly structured environment of residential addiction treatment programs provides 24/7 support and freedom from triggers.
  • How supportive is your home environment? If others in your household drink or use drugs, it will be virtually impossible for you to resist temptation. If you have strained relationships with family members or housemates, this lack of support can also make it more difficult for you to stay focused on sobriety. You will find the highest level of support and care at a residential addiction treatment program.
  • Have you tried outpatient programs before? If you have attempted to get sober through outpatient addiction programs but found little success, you may benefit more from a higher level of care at a residential treatment program.
  • Do you have severe co-occurring disorders? If you are struggling with major depressive or anxiety disorders or have thoughts of self-harm or suicide, you will likely need the security and safety of residential treatment. Caring professionals can help you get through even your darkest moments.

The above questions can help clarify whether you may find the best results from residential addiction treatment programs. These programs require the largest time commitment, but they are critical to building a strong foundation for recovery.

Choosing a Residential Treatment Program

Once you have determined that a residential treatment program is right for you, you will need to select the appropriate treatment center. Each facility is a bit different, so you should think about your priorities for your inpatient treatment. To help guide your search, consider the following:

  • Would you feel most comfortable with gender-specific treatment? Some patients benefit most from treatment in single-gender programs. Therefore, you should inquire about facilities that offer gender-specific addiction treatment if that resonates with you.
  • Do you have co-occurring disorders? Look for centers that offer dual diagnosis treatment if you struggle with conditions like depression or anxiety.
  • Do you want to participate in family therapy? If you plan to have your family involved in counseling, you will need a treatment center in their area.
  • Would you prefer to transition to an outpatient program in the same facility? Would you like to remain in the same facility for less intensive treatment programs after completing residential treatment? If so, you will need to find a center that offers a full continuum of care.

These questions will help you narrow down your options when choosing a residential treatment program. You may also want to ask whether the facility accepts your insurance or form of payment, how long residential programs last, and what type of amenities are provided.

Midwest Center at Youngstown: Reliable Residential Programs for Substance Abuse

At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we realize that outpatient treatment is not the right fit for everyone. Our residential programs for substance abuse will ensure that you have a safe, welcome environment to begin healing from addiction. When you need unconditional support in a structured environment, we are here to help. Reach out to us at Direct to start your path to a healthy recovery.