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Life After Addiction: Steps to Take After Treatment

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Recovering from addiction is not as cut-and-dry as attending an addiction treatment program for 30 days and being done. Whether you choose a residential or an outpatient treatment program, you will be given the tools and resources you need to build a solid foundation for recovery. However, there is more work to be done to maintain sobriety for the long term. Addiction aftercare programs were created for the sole purpose of keeping you on track for recovery after you have completed an addiction treatment program.

At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we realize that 30 to 90 days of addiction treatment provides a good start for recovery. However, most patients need longer-term guidance and support to stay on their recovery path. Our addiction recovery aftercare programs ensure that you will never feel alone as you continue to navigate a sober lifestyle. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to learn more about how our addiction aftercare can help you achieve the lasting recovery you deserve.

Life After Addiction: What Happens Next?

Most addiction treatment programs last approximately 30 to 90 days, whether inpatient or outpatient. But once you walk out the doors of the treatment facility, how are you supposed to stay clean? Those in residential treatment may feel somewhat of a culture shock once they enter back into the real world with all of its temptations and triggers. However, even those enrolled in an intensive outpatient program may wonder how to navigate life sober without the frequent reinforcement of treatment sessions. So, how does life after addiction work? 

Upon completion of addiction treatment, you will have gained tools to help you maintain your sobriety. After your program ends, you will have the perfect opportunity to flex your sobriety muscles by:

  • Minimizing addiction triggers
  • Resisting cravings
  • Saying no to others or avoiding people who encourage you to use drugs or alcohol

When you are fresh out of addiction treatment, you may feel the most motivated to tackle these issues. However, as time goes by, you may find your motivation fading if you do not continue to receive recovery support.

Steps to Take After Addiction Treatment 

To give yourself the best shot at a healthy, lasting recovery, you must adopt some lifestyle changes. It is unlikely that you will be able to go back to living the same way you did before treatment and maintain sobriety. Here are some steps to take after addiction treatment that will help support your new sober lifestyle:

  1. Enroll in an addiction recovery aftercare program. These programs help you transition from a higher level of care to your everyday life. They provide the continuing support of treatment professionals through individual counseling, group therapy, and case management.
  2. Join recovery support groups. Ask your addiction treatment center for recommendations on local support groups. These groups will connect you with others in recovery that can support your journey while also providing opportunities for sober socialization.
  3. Ensure that your home is free of drugs or alcohol. If your home environment does not support your recovery, you may wish to look into sober housing.
  4. Develop a relapse prevention plan. You may have done this during treatment. However, you can continue to adjust your plan as necessary in an aftercare program. Prepare yourself for various situations, such as gatherings with family or friends, so that you can avoid or resist temptations.
  5. Take up new healthy hobbies. Filling your free time with sober activities you enjoy can make sticking to your recovery path much easier. 

You never need to feel alone in your recovery. Having a plan for what to do after addiction treatment can help you feel more at ease. Addiction aftercare programs will always support you through your sober lifestyle, so be sure to reach out to them and other recovery resources such as support groups.

Find the Addiction Recovery Aftercare You Need at Midwest Center at Youngstown

When you put your trust in Midwest Center at Youngstown, you can feel confident that you will always be supported in your new sober lifestyle. Our addiction aftercare programs are ideal for taking all the tools you gained in treatment and putting them into practice. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to learn more about how we can keep you on your path to recovery with addiction aftercare.