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Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Right for Me?

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When you start looking for an addiction treatment program, it can be unclear which one may be the best fit for you. Each provides a different level of care, so learning more about the various programs can help you decide. It can also help you know when to choose an IOP, or intensive outpatient program, for your recovery or if residential treatment may be necessary.

Choosing an IOP to help you overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol can provide you with the right balance between a highly structured inpatient program and the flexibility of an outpatient program. Midwest Center at Youngstown offers a full continuum of care and can help you determine which of our programs would be most suitable for your recovery needs. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to schedule an intake assessment so we can customize your ideal treatment plan.

When to Choose an IOP

In the continuum of care for addiction treatment, you will find programs that range from highly structured to very flexible. People at high risk for relapse or in a dangerous living situation may require a residential treatment program’s structure and 24/7 monitoring.

The next step would be to transition to a partial hospitalization program (PHP), which helps patients gradually integrate into the real world and all of its triggers and temptations. This is also a great option for those who cannot attend residential treatment but still need a higher level of care.

The next level on the continuum of care would be an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Choosing an intensive outpatient program may be your best option for recovery if:

  • You have already completed a residential or partial hospitalization program.
  • You received addiction treatment in the past but have relapsed.
  • You tried a traditional outpatient program but found that it did not provide enough support for your recovery.

An IOP continues the gradual transition toward everyday life. You spend less time at the treatment center but still receive support to sustain your recovery. These incremental steps between residential and outpatient treatment are crucial for most people to stay motivated and focused on getting better.

What to Know Before Choosing an Intensive Outpatient Program

Choosing an addiction treatment program with a smaller time commitment can be tempting. You may have a busy work and home life, and the thought of adding something else to your plate may be overwhelming. Before you make up your mind, here are some things you should know before choosing an intensive outpatient program for your recovery:

  • IOPs are typically recommended for people who have received some form of addiction treatment before. These programs are not usually intended as a starting point for your recovery but may still work if your addiction is mild. An intake assessment can help determine whether an IOP is appropriate for you.
  • Each treatment center has a different schedule for its intensive outpatient programs, so you should contact the facility to find out if their schedule can accommodate your needs. Most IOPs require you to attend three days per week for two to four hours per day. Some facilities offer evening or weekend hours for optimal flexibility.
  • IOPs are most effective if you have a supportive home environment. Since you will be spending less time at the facility, you may need to lean on the support of family and friends to keep you focused. In cases where your living situation is detrimental to your recovery, you may wish to inquire about sober living homes.

Are you ready to give sobriety another try? Are your loved ones on board to support your recovery goals? Choosing an IOP may be what you need for a happy, sober future.

Midwest Center at Youngstown: Offering a Blend of Structure and Flexibility Through Our Intensive Outpatient Program 

Once you have some recovery experience under your belt and need support to help you maintain it, Midwest Center at Youngstown’s IOP is here to help. Our full continuum of care will guide you through every recovery step to help you enjoy the healthy future you deserve. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to start the enrollment process.