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Why Choose a Men’s Addiction Rehab Center?

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Admitting your addiction and agreeing to get treatment is an excellent start to a new sober lifestyle. To help you achieve your recovery goals, choosing the best treatment program for your needs is essential. For many men, enrolling in a program at a men’s addiction rehab center makes all the difference in the success of their recovery.

Midwest Center at Youngstown offers gender-specific treatment programs to help men and women receive the customized treatment they need to overcome addiction. Reach out to us today at 844.544.0502 to learn why choosing a men’s rehab center can impact your recovery results.

Why Choose a Men’s Addiction Rehab Center?

You may be unsure why there are separate addiction treatment programs for men and women at some treatment facilities. There are critical differences between why men and women turn to substance use and what resources they need to recover from addiction. The following benefits can explain why choosing gender-specific treatment programs may improve your treatment outcome:

  • You may feel more comfortable opening up in the company of other men. Some people feel the need to put up a front in a mixed-gender group, which interferes with getting the most out of treatment.
  • Typical gender roles do not apply in gender-specific programs. You do not have to concern yourself with fulfilling the male stereotype of being tough or unaffected.
  • You can bond more easily with your peers in recovery. You’re likely to have more in common with other men struggling with addiction, which can help you feel more supported during treatment.
  • You can learn more from other men in treatment. Other men may have struggles similar to yours and can share how they made it over their hurdles in recovery.
  • It is easier to stay focused on recovery in a men’s addiction rehab center. Gender-specific treatment programs eliminate the distraction of trying to impress or attract members of the opposite sex.

Due to the above benefits, choosing a men’s rehab center typically results in a higher success rate. To give yourself the best chance of a lasting recovery, consider choosing gender-specific treatment programs for your recovery needs.

Choosing Gender-Specific Treatment Programs

If you have decided that a men’s addiction treatment program is right for you, it is time to learn how to choose a men’s rehab. Some people simply look for the closest treatment facility to their home, but this is not always the best strategy. Treatment centers vary in the type of programs offered, the levels of care provided, the therapies used, and the amenities included. Keep the following in mind to help you choose the most suitable men’s rehab program:

  • How severe is your addiction? If you have struggled with addiction for years and find it impossible to go a day without substances, you may need to inquire about residential treatment. For milder addictions, look into outpatient treatment options.
  • Have you experienced trauma at any point in your life? Whether you were abused as a child, witnessed a violent act, or served in a war, you may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This condition often leads to addiction and must be addressed to help you fully heal. Look for treatment centers that provide trauma therapy.
  • Is your living environment conducive to recovery? If your home life is a source of stress or people in your household use substances, you may want to find a treatment center to help you get into sober housing.
  • Are you open to improving your overall health and well-being? For the best healing experience, look for treatment facilities that offer holistic therapies like nutrition, meditation, yoga, and fitness therapy.

The above questions can help you determine what is most important for you to succeed in recovery. As you consider each question, you are likely to come up with other factors to consider to help you choose the ideal men’s rehab center.

Find Treatment at Midwest Center at Youngstown

Choosing a men’s rehab center like Midwest Center at Youngstown can provide you with a strong foundation for lifelong recovery. If you have previously tried other addiction treatment programs and have not gotten the results you need, call us at 844.544.0502 to discover the difference gender-specific treatment can make.