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How Is Women’s Addiction Treatment Different from Men’s?

women's addiction treatment vs men's addiction treatment

Many women seeking addiction treatment do not realize they have the option of gender-specific treatment. They may assume all treatment programs are the same and expect to achieve the same results regardless of which program they enroll in. That could not be further from the truth since recovery is not one-size-fits-all. Women’s addiction rehab center programs address those issues most relevant to women in recovery.

At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we understand the importance of providing specific women’s addiction treatment vs. men’s addiction treatment. With our warm, welcoming atmosphere and trauma-informed therapies, you never have to feel alone in your recovery. Reach out to us today at 844.544.0502 to get the help you need to overcome addiction and women-specific struggles.

Women’s Addiction Treatment vs. Men’s Addiction Treatment

The need for specific women’s addiction treatment vs. men’s addiction treatment is apparent when you compare why men and women turn to substance use. It is also vital to determine what stops them from getting help and the type of help they need for recovery. Some of the main differences you will find in women’s addiction recovery vs. men’s addiction recovery include:

  • Women with substance use disorder are more likely to be domestic or sexual abuse victims. Extra attention needs to be given to providing a safe, comfortable environment for them to thrive.
  • Women who misuse drugs or alcohol are more likely to experience unintended pregnancies. They need specialized treatment in a non-judgmental atmosphere to help them manage pregnancy and childcare while recovering.
  • Women struggling with addiction who have children are less likely to have financial stability. They may stay with an abusive partner out of financial need.

The gender-specific treatment makes sense once you realize the above differences and how addiction impacts women and their recovery needs. It applies a more specialized approach to women’s addiction treatment that can help women in the above situations get through addiction. 

Is a Women’s Addiction Treatment Program Right for You?

As addiction treatment professionals learn more about the gender differences in addiction and recovery, there is more of a push for gender-specific treatment. Some women may opt for a women’s only treatment program simply because they feel more comfortable being around other women as they heal. But the benefits of gender-specific treatment go beyond comfort. These customized programs ensure that each patient receives the most effective treatment.

If you are unsure whether you should seek out a women’s addiction rehab center, consider some of the following differences between a women’s rehab center vs. men’s:

  • Trauma-informed staff and therapeutic modalities may form a core component of the program. If you are the victim of abuse, the trauma therapy offered in women’s addiction rehab centers will play an important role in your healing.
  • Since women are usually responsible for child care, you are much more likely to see child care services offered at a women’s rehab center vs. men’s. Prenatal care is also likely to be provided to assist with your health and safety throughout your pregnancy. If you are pregnant or have young children, you may receive the additional support you need by enrolling in a women’s addiction treatment program.
  • Women’s addiction rehab centers may provide case managers. These experts help you secure the financial assistance you need to provide a safe home and food on the table for your children. They can also help you work toward getting back custody of your children if they were removed from your home. If you are dealing with an abusive partner, a case manager may also assist with legal issues. For instance, they can help you through obtaining a restraining order. 

If you or a woman you know is struggling with substance use disorder, encourage them to get help from a women’s rehab center. 

Get Support at Midwest Center at Youngstown

At Midwest Center at Youngstown, we understand that some women are hesitant to get addiction treatment. They may feel uncomfortable around men after experiencing violence or abuse at home. They may also fear judgment and stigma if they are pregnant. You will never feel judged or unwelcome when you enroll in our women’s addiction rehab program. Our warm, comfortable setting and caring, competent staff will help you overcome addiction. Then you can move on to the better life you deserve. Call us today at 844.544.0502 to start a new chapter in your life.