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How to Find an Alcohol Rehab Program for a Loved One

Loved ones at an alcohol rehab program

Are you beginning to suspect that your friend or loved one might need an alcohol rehab program? Learning more about the signs and symptoms of a developing problem can help you navigate a delicate situation and arm you with the tools you need to offer genuine support. 

When seeking an alcohol addiction treatment program in Ohio, consider Midwest Center at Youngstown to provide the compassionate, comprehensive care your loved one needs to support their healing process. Call our team at 844.544.0502 to learn more about how you can advocate for them during this challenging time and what resources we can offer when the moment is right for them to obtain help.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

No one plans on becoming dependent on alcohol, and there are a host of genetic and environmental factors that may make your loved one more susceptible. Some of the signs and symptoms that they may require professional help include:

  • Drinking to compensate for low self-esteem or to dull the pain of a lingering trauma or loss
  • Inability to consume alcohol in moderation
  • Defensiveness surrounding their drinking or evasive behavior to conceal alcohol consumption from friends and loved ones
  • Notable increases in tolerance, requiring more and more alcohol to become inebriated 
  • Drinking to the point of unconsciousness
  • Losing interest in other activities 
  • Demonstrating a change in temperament or impaired thinking ability 
  • Neglecting personal care such as nutrition and appearing to gain or lose weight rapidly 
  • Physical tremors in the morning or using alcohol to stave off withdrawal symptoms 
  • Sacrificing other values, such as job performance or personal relationships, to become intoxicated
  • Inability to abstain from alcohol, despite numerous attempts 
  • Endangering others with drinking, such as drinking before operating a motor vehicle

How to Help a Loved One Enter Alcohol Rehab

Firstly, educate yourself regarding the signs or symptoms of alcohol dependence. Several websites offer online questionnaires that can help you decide whether outside help appears warranted. Next, you can educate yourself on the various options available to your loved ones when they decide to pursue treatment. This includes the difference between inpatient and outpatient programs and the relative cost of different options.

Next, you must be careful to avoid enabling their behavior. If you attempt to protect an individual from the consequences of drinking by covering their legal tracks, assuming their responsibilities, etc., you may inadvertently prevent them from fully realizing the extent of the problem. Although it may be difficult, you need to establish boundaries that will ultimately help them.

Finally, It is important to understand that you cannot force an adult to enter a rehab program. Often, individuals struggling with alcohol use cannot recognize a need for help on their own. You may wish to engage the services of a professional interventionist to clearly and effectively communicate your concerns. It is very important to remain empathetic, communicate your concerns for their well-being through the use of ā€œIā€ statements, and avoid using guilt or shame to coerce their decision. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Midwest Center at Youngstown  

One of the most effective ways you can help is by having information on hand so the moment a loved one is ready, you can assist them in locating a reputable alcohol rehab program to treat the underlying causes of their drinking. Midwest Center at Youngstown offers exactly that Call our team at 844.544.0502 to learn more about the alcohol addiction treatment available at Midwest Center at Youngstown and how our knowledgeable counselors and medical staff can help clients get on the road to lasting sobriety.